Our story-sharing platform has just three simple guidelines: the adventure must be self-propelled, self-supported, and local. What does that mean?

  • Self-propelled: feet, pedals, paddles, SUPs, sails, parasails, etc.  No fossil-fueled transport except to get you to your starting point or safely home from your destination.
  • Self-supported means carrying food and gear yourself.  We encourage participants to be DIY for the Adventure and the Story-telling.
  • Local means anywhere in Kansas. 82,277 square miles. The Land of Ahhs. Ad Astra Per Aspera. Home on the Range and all that.

Stories can be as simple as the story you might tell your friends while sitting around a campfire. They can be told through poetry, prose, an audio-recording an essay, a blogpost, or a short story. They can be told visually through photography, videography, watercolor, charcoal, oil, collage, sculpture, whatever…. BUT the story-teller must participate in the adventure. Solo adventure or group adventure with family and friends (two legged or four legged) are equally encouraged. By submitting your story, you agree to our terms and conditions.  Top story submissions are recognized and awarded at the annual live event 38N Adventure Fest.

    Include the text of your story below. If your submission consists of images, artwork or other media, please provide a description of your work and/or context here. If you prefer, you may also upload a text document (doc, docx, txt, pdf) below.

    Upload files. You may submit up to 3 files with with this form. Files have a maximum size of 2 MB each, and must be one of these file types: jpg, png, txt, doc, docx, pdf

    Additional Files
    If you want to include larger files, different file types, or additional files you will be emailed instructions for doing so after submitting this form.

    Submitting Via Social Media

    We want to make submissions as easy and as accessible as possible, and so this year we are introducing submissions by social media. All you have to do is hashtag #38northfest2022 in your Instagram caption to be submitted! Once you do, the winner will be chosen the Festival night based on the highest number of likes. Get out there, take a pic, and submit. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.